bertrand-cardis-et-dominique-duboisTogether to be stronger


The french company Multiplast SAS and the Swiss one Décision SA are bringing together their work force in a new group: GROUPE CARBOMAN S.A.

With this partnership, this new industrial group, chaired by Dominique Dubois and specialising in the manufacture of composite parts, becomes the european leader in race boat building and the production of large industrial parts. Carry out the most ambitious projects This alliance is an obvious next step after several years of collaboration between the two companies, especially the MOD70 trimaran project and the next Volvo Ocean Race one-design boats.


projet-extention-entreprise-multiplastRise of the aircraft sector at Multiplast, Carboman Group

In order to meet its aim of producing aircraft components, Multiplast is adding new human and technical ressources that will help it rise to the challenge :

1- A new Industrial Manager for the Carboman Group
2- A new autoclave
3- A paint facility, of grand dimensions
4- New certifications for Quality Processes
5- A new production workshop

Logo SQS 1Décision SA achieves ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certification


Through the years, Décision SA - Groupe Carboman has prided itself on developing a Culture of Excellence, which was rewarded, this March, with the company being granted certifications ISO 9001 -2008 and EN 9100 -2009.

Obtaining these certifications requires a significant investment from the teams in order that they meet the requirements of a Quality Management System. Implementing these procedures and thereby harmonising working practises ensures greater and better cohesion between the teams, as well as increasing spirit within the company.


icon-set-maps-location-and-navigationGroupe CARBOMAN S.A

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        Allée Loïc Caradec 56000 VANNES


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Chemin des Larges-Pièces 2
        CH-1024 Ecublens

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