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Born from the merger of several companies, each of them expert in their own field, Carboman Group is now a key player in the European market of composite materials, able to deliver a very wide range of products and solutions. From the conception to the production, the installation and maintenance of composite structures, Carboman Group offers a global answer.

The spirit of creativity and innovation are part of the Group’s DNA and give our clients the opportunity to successfully achieve their most advanced and challenging projects, especially in matters of the respect of standard quality, security, cost and time control.

A wide variety of sectors

Carboman Group mostly intervenes in the following fields: industry, defence, aeronautic, space, construction, offshore racing, wind energy, services and manufacturing of moulds and models. Relying on a Design Office constituted of 15 employees and a permanent R&D activity, we are able to offer a global solution for the most ambitious projects.
Carboman Group also benefits from a tax credit mechanism for research (CIR).

Carboman Group : a European leader

Carboman Group offers a wide range of solutions that meet the needs for composite parts. From prototype to series production, from polyester glass fibre to carbon-epoxy prepreg, the Group has a complete expertise spread over its different production sites, each of them being specialised.
The Carboman Group has 5 companies located in 4 production sites (3 in France and 1 in Poland), nearly 250 expert employees in each of the composite fields for an annual turnover of approximately €30 million.




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