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Décision's team is pleased and wishes to congratulate Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg for having imagined, 13 years ago, the solar power around the world flight project and for having achieved it by landing in Abu Dhabi.

A collaboration since 2003

Décision-Groupe Carboman is proud to have collaborated with Solar Impulse since the beginning of the project, in May 2003, and becoming one of the key partner. The swiss company based in Ecublens was in charge of the production of the main carbon structures for both planes, HB-SIA and then S2, especially for the wings longitudinal beams, the fuselage, the engines and the pilot cockpit support system.

Décision SA and NTPT

The collaboration developed between Décision SA and NTPT located in Cossonay in Switzerland allowed to build the plane's parts with an innovative method using thin layers of carbon fibers (Thin Ply Technology®). This technology, applied on the construction of S2 allowed to manufacture the composites structures, light enough to perform the flights around the world safely and to ensure the reliability of the plane.

 solar impulse landind abudhabi


We hope that this successful adventure will have proved to the world that their vision to fly an ultralight and ultra-perfomant structure, with nothing but sustainable energy is possible. Hence, this achievement opens up, from now on, new and exciting prospects for the world of aeronautics, in particular in the development of stratospheric solar drones that could stay several months in high altitude.

We wish them good luck for their future challenges and we will be delighted to share them by carrying on our collaboration.

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